Monday, May 15, 2017

The Truth Can Be Found

I like to be honest about everything so let me be honest in this matter: The things found in the bible are foolish to our natural mind. There is no way to effectively dispute this fact. I'll take it a step my opinion, a person would have to be crazy to accept what it says strictly upon face value.

While we are being honest, can we be honest about something else? In spite of all our scientific and technological advancements, there is still so much we do not understand. More importantly, in our own hearts there remain many important questions unanswered.

Regardless of what we believe, we are all in the same boat. Nobody was around when the universe was created. Sure, we can believe a scientist's explanation of creation based on their data and research. But do we really understand every single detail that went into their research? Probably not. If not, aren't we on some level simply trusting their explanation without knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt it is true?

The same goes for those who believe in God. Do we really know for sure He exists, or are we just trusting our parents, pastor or whoever else taught us about faith? If we do not know for sure what or why we believe, or if we are not absolutely sure that God exists, aren't we just trusting someone else's explanation?

So how do we know for sure if God exists? It may sound crazy, but why not ask God Himself? If He isn't real then you won't receive an answer. If He is real, surely He could find a way to prove it inside your heart. Makes sense, right?

Sadly, there can be major obstacles to this simple process. The biggest is this- If we are not willing to open our hearts to the possibility that God is real, He will never be able to come inside and prove His existence. Why? Because the God I know is a gentleman and respects the free will of all people. He will not force Himself upon anyone.

Why are we not willing to open our hearts to the idea He might exist? Some are not willing to change their lives according to God's plan. For others, the existence of a loving and righteous God would mean they are guilty of sin. If God is not real then a person will not have to address these difficult issues.

The truth is, many of us are afraid to deal with these issues inside our heart. Making matters worse, the world around us often serves as an enabler for our desire to hide from the truth. We mask our pain and hide by indulging in various pleasures in this world. Our actions are justified and normalized in our mind because we surround ourselves with people who do the same thing. In essence, we create a reality that serves our agenda, rather than facing truth and shaping our reality around that instead of lies.

Since I have done all of these things, I am qualified to speak about the solution I've found. Until I was ready to accept truth and responsibility for my own actions, I was unable to see truth around me. Indeed, we are all in some ways blinded by the spell that engulfs this evil world. The only way we can accurately see truth is to receive the Spirit of Truth. Unless we are willing to admit our blindness, the Light cannot come inside our heart and expose the lies around us.

People can argue about science versus God, politics, or anything else. I have no stomach for this because it is vain and useless. My motivation is not to sound smart or to be right about everything...I am motivated by my love for truth. Here is my testimony and question for you and the whole world: Truth is there for everyone to see, if we are willing to receive it no matter what form it takes. Why not just ask for it?

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